10.05.2022 / GPLRACER 67 / Race 08 / Snetterton (snett67)

Cup Rennen mit den 1967 F1 Papyrus Autos [Cup races with the 1967 F1 Papyrus cars]

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Re: 10.05.2022 / GPLRACER 67 / Race 08 / Snetterton (snett67)

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lalb2001 hat geschrieben: Mi Mai 11, 2022 2:33 pm First of all, I can not emphasize enough how sorry I am for ending David's race! I took Coram very narrow at entry (double-apexing it) and took my usual line in that lap.
At this point I had already started turning in, and judging from where David's nose pointed at this point right here, I thought he was going to let me by because I was already quite close.
Next thing I know, a Brabham is on his roof... I should have been more patient.
Lasse don't worry - it is good to know it can happen to the best of us! Can't say I wasn't disappointed not to finish as I was driving consistently and with all the DNF's could have got a decent place.

When I watched back the crash immediately after and I saw you drive into me when I was on my roof I thought "he must be mad at me, he is kicking me when I am down" :D :D :D but I soon realised what you were trying to do - flip me back over.

I enjoyed watching you chase down Paul and eventually pass him - it was a tough battle.

Great track - tough race. Thanks to all the organisers.

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