13.10.2020 / GPLRACER 55 / Race 04 / Zandvoort (zandvort)

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Stefan Roess
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Re: 13.10.2020 / GPLRACER 55 / Race 04 / Zandvoort (zandvort)

Beitrag von Stefan Roess » Fr Okt 16, 2020 5:11 pm

Grats to the podium and all finishers.

What a great fair and fight with Paul.
This was for sure one of the best races and fights I had. :)
Paul has already written a good race report. I have nothging to add. Just thank you for racing. :clap:

I already had an Assetto Corsa Zandvoort (Sandevoerde 1967 by Sergio Loro) race on Sunday night (22:00 CET) racing with THR https://tarnhoerner.de/ the 70s Touring Car Legends (TCL) championship. :)
Here is the YouTube stream in case anyone is interested (you will also spot Andi Stangl in the video who raced with GPLRACER in the past):


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