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Reko 65 - Punta Fria - 01.10.2019

Verfasst: Sa Okt 05, 2019 11:31 am
von REKO
Reko 65 - Punta Fria - 01.10.2019



Start Zone

Erik vd Heijden had a current Red Card penalty so his race was observed.

Erik fulfilled his penalty starting from his pit box. Because of this he started out of position and is classified a lap down by GPL but corrected by Admin.
His race was clean apart from an incident on the last lap.

Erik had fought his way through the field and was closing on the leading pair. As they approached T1 hairpin on the last lap there was a stationary car blocking the track.
Pedro vd Berg in 2nd position slowed to avoid which gave Erik a chance to overtake making contact with Pedro bumping him off track.

Erik was shown a Yellow flag approaching the incident.


We should all know you should not to overtake under Yellow. Wait until the next Green flag.

The Reko decide -

Erik vd Heijden - Yellow warning - for overtaking under Yellow flags - his next race will be observed by Reko. In addition 10 second penalty to be added to his race time.

Reko Mail
The Reko did not receive any reko mail

Shift Times

Bastian Grupp crashed on lap 30 losing a wheel. He continued for 10 laps at low speed to the finish by driving on the grass so not to obstruct other racers.

The Reko decide - no further action

The Reko

Re: Reko 65 - Punta Fria - 01.10.2019

Verfasst: Sa Okt 05, 2019 12:58 pm
von ErikHeijden
I accept the decision but I do want to share how it looked in my game because I could have seen the yellow flag for less than a second. I obviously missed it and the next flagman I approached waved a blue flag.

It still overtaking under yellow so I deserve the penalty but in my mind I was rather exploiting a blue flag situation.