05.02.2019 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 02 / Brands Hatch 1967

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Re: 05.02.2019 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 02 / Brands Hatch 1967

Beitrag von uli » Mi Feb 06, 2019 7:43 pm

Nice grid and nice track again – here at Brands Hatch I had my first start with the GPL-Racers in 2005, I didn't finish, engine trouble …
yesterday it should come much better :)

GRATS Paul, Robert and all finishers
What an exciting practice (new pB), at the end a very, very close pole to me with only +0:00,01 min.!
Paul had the better start and I had Roberts pressure until the middle of the race. THen, when I came a bit to wide on the outside line at Clearways, Robert passes me on the inside - great manoeuvre :handgestures-thumbupright: - so I tried to finish at third with saving the fuel that I needed when I was blocking Robert.
Fine to be back to speed but Lotus against BT7 speaks for itself - great show Robert :bow-yellow:
Perfect orga, THX to you Marcel

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Re: 05.02.2019 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 02 / Brands Hatch 1967

Beitrag von pmercal » Do Feb 07, 2019 12:50 pm

No Stefan I did not try the full Offline grid !!
Too often I forget before the race to check all the details that eventually make the difference and that too often create problems in the race ...
It does not have to happen! :oops:

As far as the accident is concerned, I think I generally misunderstand the Start Zone phase.
As a rule, I try to maintain my position and avoid attacks on the first corner or risks for the first part of the lap, and if you need to raise the foot, others attack immediately ...
I did not start badly at Brands, even though due to the inclination of the track I skidded and lost a bit of time but I did not expect Erik to jump into the first corner, I entered the 2nd gear and set the trajectory. a few tenths of a second),
I have touched him without seeing him and without malice
Erik left and did not waste much time and I kept the car on the track but unintentionally I was hit behind by Roo.

I apologize to the people involved and the organizers.
Congratulations again to Paul, Robert and Uli, awesome fantastic
Thanks to the organizers

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Re: 05.02.2019 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 02 / Brands Hatch 1967

Beitrag von REKO » Sa Feb 16, 2019 10:15 am

Reko reports is posted.

GPL Empfohlenes Fahrer Verhalten [German]
http://www.gplworld.de/grand-prix-legen ... -verhalten
GPL Recommended Driver Behaviour [English]
http://wiki.grandprixlegends.info/index ... _Behaviour


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