23.06.2020 [rerun] / GPLRACER 66 / Race 11 / Spa (spa67)

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Re: 23.06.2020 [rerun] / GPLRACER 66 / Race 11 / Spa (spa67)

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Fabian hat geschrieben: Mi Jun 24, 2020 5:48 pm @Piero:
"oh no, is he beeched?"
okay just saw in the replay that you were in deed beeched - at least for a while. By that X-mas tree.. :mrgreen:
For me it was just one of those chain of events there are in racing which put me in that position: If I hadn't been "blocked" by Pedro, I hadn't inadvertently been "divebombed" by Andrew and then Doni wouldn't have been in the position to "use up" the inside lane to overtake you when you were recovering..... :? :doh:
But ifs'n' buts.... :think: :violin:
Stefan Roess
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Re: 23.06.2020 [rerun] / GPLRACER 66 / Race 11 / Spa (spa67)

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Gratulation to the winners of our 2020 cup of the GPL 1966 F1 Mod!
1. Yannick
2. Paul
3. Pedro


Final Results Cup 66 2020

And thank you all for racing with us!

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