04.06.2019 - GPLRACER 69x - Round 10: Hockenheim

Moderator: Paul Skingley

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Re: 04.06.2019 - GPLRACER 69x - Round 10: Hockenheim

Beitrag von andersoe » Mi Jun 05, 2019 7:08 am

Congratulations to Paul, Winner of the 2019 GPLRACER 69X Cup , the runner up Uli, and especially to third place Fabian who managed to finish and take points in every race with the Lotus 63.


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Re: 04.06.2019 - GPLRACER 69x - Round 10: Hockenheim

Beitrag von uli » Mi Jun 05, 2019 10:56 am

GRATS Pavel and Paul big hand to you :)
and Congratulation to your Championship win Paul and to your third place Fabian.
I had a great lap in practice and pole again :) The start was ok but Yannick overtook me even on the first straight and I didn't had any chance to fight back because my 1 to 1 wing setup hadnt enough top speed. So I had to wait for a mistake he would make - and he did - at the end of lap 6. From that moment on the race was run and totally boring - what a pity made my 5th Hockenheim win and have not really fun with it.
I missed Stefan (get well soon) and some others again but I was happy to see Ronnie and Lance again on the grid.
THX to the best admin on earth :) THX to you Paul for organize that great season.
THX to you Paul, Stefan and Anders for great fights.

Paul Skingley
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Re: 04.06.2019 - GPLRACER 69x - Round 10: Hockenheim

Beitrag von Paul Skingley » Mi Jun 05, 2019 11:30 am

Thanks guys.

Well done Uli for winning six out of the ten races. And Fabian for good scoring all season with the Lotus 63.

I only won a single race but I had one less non finish than Uli, and that was enough to take the Championship by a few points.

Ferrari won a championship at last :)

To finish first, first you have to finish.

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Re: 04.06.2019 - GPLRACER 69x - Round 10: Hockenheim

Beitrag von Pedro » Mi Jun 05, 2019 1:13 pm

Uli: Congratulations with the race win and 2e place in the championship!
One tech/problem to much and there goes jour glory.

Paul: Thanks for the fun exciting race, your admin job, and congrats with the championship win.
I envy your driving skills.

Pavel: Well done mate! Excellent passing! Also thanks for the fun last night! Not a great season for you I guess with 50% DNF.
Although you are behind me in the championship I believe you are a better driver as me!

Fabian: . . . . . . 3e!!!
Your podium place is well deserved. It's not easy to finish all races, respect compadre!

Anders: Thank you for your admin work and jobs done.
I have great respect for you racing speed in these 69x cars, sorry you had to much bad luck.

Stefan: I hope you get better soon, we all missed you at the track last two races. Thanks Chief for hosting a server for us!

Alain: Having the most DNF's I admire your perseverance (a persévérance), it's great to race with you Alain, fast but not faultless, sorry if I have made racing-life difficult for you.

Bastian, Yannick, Konstantin, Lance and Ronnie, thank you for racing!

All in all not a easy season.
Lots of blow ups and craches.
But I am thankful for being able to participate-race-and have fun!
THANKS to ALLL of you.
Hope to cu next seasons and races,

Greetings Pedro.

Alain Maurice
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Re: 04.06.2019 - GPLRACER 69x - Round 10: Hockenheim

Beitrag von Alain Maurice » Mi Jun 05, 2019 6:46 pm

Hi all

I am really very happy departiciper to this championship

Bravo Paul for this victory, Uli for this second place and a huge respect for Fabian to finish the podium, in Lotus 63!!!

Indeed Pedro, I was the best of the least good, so I am the first in a certain category :dance:

Can’t wait for the next race

Thank you for the organization, always impecable and see you soon

PAUL :happy-wavemulticolor: :text-bravo:
:clap: Thanks to all :clap:

Bastian Grupp
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Re: 04.06.2019 - GPLRACER 69x - Round 10: Hockenheim

Beitrag von Bastian Grupp » Do Jun 06, 2019 3:49 pm

Thanks to you guys for racing the season.

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Re: 04.06.2019 - GPLRACER 69x - Round 10: Hockenheim

Beitrag von Fabian » Fr Jun 07, 2019 8:57 pm

thanks to Lance it was not a lonely race. Initially I felt held up as he didn't have much confidence through the turns in the early going but I quickly realized that I was even too slow and useless on the straights to even do tandem with him. As he was slower in the turns and (waaay) quicker on the straights I intended to be in front of him through Ostkurve and the stadium section but I was too slow to put it into practice. Only once it worked out and just then I did a poor job by poor driving.
But at least sticking around made the race less dull - until he retired for some reason.


Thanks everyone for the congratulations though I don't think I did an above average job. I'd think most drivers in an Lotus63 sould still end up ahead of me competing in a say Brabham or Matra...
But it is in deed nice to have not streaks of DNFs for a change (sort of opposite of desastrous 2018)
(by the way: I may not always drive "112%" but I certainly don't drive "just-arriving" attitude either - though my laptimes might suggest otherwise... 8-) )
It started with a mis-read but now I'm glad I picked the Lotus. NEVER would have thought to even get beyond the lower end of the ranking...

Grats Uli for the victory! (what a winning streak..! :shock: )
Grats Paul for the Championship!! :clap:

Season's over here for me as I don't do Sportscars. See you maybe at some fun-/special-event or else next year. :violin:
Thanks to all who organize everything and for all the work around it.
Thanks all participants --- there's a bunch of quick enthusiasts..! :o
see you on track! :dance:


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