GPL World Masters 2022 / 08.01.2023

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GPL World Masters 2022 / 08.01.2023

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GPL World Masters 2022 / 08.01.2023

All details here:
GPLRACER is not involved in the planning.
If you have questions regarding the event please see the SRMZ topic for contact persons.
- 2 x 60 min races back to back with a 30 min Qualifying session for each race. Total time: approx. 3 hours
- Race 1: Kyalami (kyalami)
- Race 2: Road America (roadamer)
- Time: Sunday January 8th, 19:00 CET
- Where: iGOR
- Chat: #Masters
- Pre quali track: Road America
- Pre quali will end after 01.01.2022, the exact ending time will be announced in this thread at a later point in time
- Each driver has 9 chassis points at their disposal for the two races, no chassis can be driven twice and chassis points cannot exceed the limit of 9 for the two races
Posted Image
-> see SRMZ topic for the image

- Points scale is as follows:
Posted Image
-> see SRMZ topic for the image

- The driver with 1. most laps, 2. lowest overall race times throughout both events ends up higher up in the overall ranking
- 75% completion mark to be eligible for points
- All flag rules in effect
- Staggered grid with equal distances between each car
- Incidents are protestable within 48 hours of the end of race 2
- Protests are to be sent to either Dag Johnsen or me by PM or by whatever way you can contact us :)

- Pre quali is open to everyone on VROC and has the same rules as last year. No chassis points apply in pre quali.
- The fastest 18 drivers qualify for the event and may use whatever chassis they want/are fastest with
- Qualified drivers, please confirm or cancel your entry in the week of the event until race day, so that we can contact drivers that are not qualified to step in as a replacement!

This announcement post is very preliminary, but I don't have much time now. Feel free to ask questions and make suggestions!
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Re: GPL World Masters 2022 / 08.01.2023

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Danke dir, Stefan! :)

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