03.07.2020 - Isle of Madness @ GeLi

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03.07.2020 - Isle of Madness @ GeLi

Beitrag von Fabian » Mo Jun 29, 2020 6:33 pm

I'd like to propagate a nice Fun Event @ GeLi:
On the 3rd of July [20h CEST] we'll race at the Isle of Man Mountain Course (37.75 mile).
There'll be 4 Races with 2 Laps each. Only british chassis are allowed: Lotus,Brabham, BRM and Cooper.
Drivers are encouraged to drive each chassis. The choice per race is yours.
A Qualification is driven only in the first race, in the following the grid is the result of the previous race.

Every Pilot earns a Point for the score for each race he starts
Race Briefing @ GeLi

Though it is a fun event (shift-r ON), a certain level of professionalism & ettiquette is expected. It's not called GENTLEMEN League for nothing.. ;)
I do this advertisement on my own account, hence I cannot guarantee participation. Also it is limited to 1 grid afaik.
Best is to shout out at the GeLi thread and ask for participation (mention being a GPLRACER will probably help being accepted)
I hope you will join us :)

We race 60fps!


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