GPL Mod 1965 full graphics update 2018 by db312 (Denis)

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GPL Mod 1965 full graphics update 2018 by db312 (Denis)

Beitrag von Stefan Roess » Mi Mär 13, 2019 1:06 pm

Hello RACERs,

db312 (aka Denis) has released a great graphics update for the GPL 1965 mod v2.0.2. :clap:

All details, screenshots, downloads and how to install here:

Quote of SRMZ:
Hello everybody :)

This update concerns only the graphics, and not the physic which remains unchanged.
You will find all the precedent updates merged into each cars's folders, plus some files that I've added these two last years.

The main features are :

- New skins and new cockpit for the Anderson and Gardner's Brabham BT11.
- New skins and cockpit for the Brabham BT7.
- New skins for the Cooper T77.
- On-line skins for the Brabham and the Lotus.
- All the different cars skins usable by the player.
- New AI faces and helmets, steering wheels, gloves, arms, wheels, tires and rear axles for all the cars.
- An update of the Non-Championship races made by Irridux.
- A lot of small modifications...
- And a lot of extra files that you will find in each cars's folders, with the possibility to always go back easily....

There is also into each archives a ReadMe file for the installation, it is really simple and if you have some doubts, just ask here.

There is only one imperative : You have to install the Mod'65 version 2.0.2 before !!!
Here is the link :

I'd like to recommend you also to install the sound pack made by Intruder in 2012, it's an absolute must have.
Here is the link :
Note by Stefan: If you install the sound pack made by Intruder, make a backup of your GPL sound folder in case you want to go back the original sounds. I prefer the sounds that come with the 1965 Mod version 2.0.2, but that is a matter of taste.

I would like also to warmly thanks ;

- Rémy Roesz who gave me the high resolution skins almost finished for the Anderson and Gardner's Brabham,
and also the 3DO for the on-line skins.
- TvO who teached me how to ameliorate the wheels (among others...)
- Pavel and his brother who tested everything and who edited a big pile of 3DO !!!
- TJC who tested also the updates and gave me some encouraging feedbacks.
- Stefan Roess who has also tested the whole package without getting sick...
- Hagapito who gave me his agreement to incorporate his beautiful external mirrors.
- Leon_90 who also gave me his agreement to modify and add his wonderful layout.
- And also Irridux who gave me his agreement to retouch all his Non-Championship update.

Finally a big big thanks to all those who allow to SRMZ to continue his peaceful existence...
And a happy birthday to GPL, as well as a happy new year to all of you !!!

Here are some screen captures and you will find also some updates in the next post.

Have some fun ! :wave:
lotus33_cockpit.jpg (151.1 KiB) 247 mal betrachtet
Lotus_33.jpg (163.22 KiB) 247 mal betrachtet
HondaRA272_cockpit.jpg (164.3 KiB) 247 mal betrachtet
Honda_RA272.jpg (162.51 KiB) 247 mal betrachtet
ferrari1512_cockpit.jpg (159.58 KiB) 247 mal betrachtet
ferrari_1512.jpg (164.31 KiB) 247 mal betrachtet
CooperT77_cockpit.jpg (160.17 KiB) 247 mal betrachtet
Cooper_T77.jpg (160.98 KiB) 247 mal betrachtet
brmP261_red_steer.jpg (157.01 KiB) 247 mal betrachtet
brmP261_cockpit.jpg (155.88 KiB) 247 mal betrachtet
BrmP261.jpg (159.06 KiB) 247 mal betrachtet
BrabhamBT11_cockpit_Gardner.jpg (163.83 KiB) 247 mal betrachtet
BrabhamBT11_cockpit_Anderson.jpg (162.74 KiB) 247 mal betrachtet
BrabhamBT11_Anderson&Gardner.jpg (159.07 KiB) 247 mal betrachtet
BrabhamBT7_Hulme_cockpit.jpg (157.02 KiB) 247 mal betrachtet
BrabhamBT7_Hulme.jpg (160.43 KiB) 247 mal betrachtet


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