Track Gap Freeze Fix Patch [highly recommended]

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Track Gap Freeze Fix Patch [highly recommended]

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Hello RACER,

we highly recommend using the Track Gap Freeze Fix Patch for all GPL online races!

Download and info: ...

The easiest way to use the patch is to put it in the GPLSecrets/GEM+/Options directory.
Delete the original mod .exe (but not the gpl.exe!) and tick/check the patch in GEM+ to rebuild the mod .exe. Let GEM+ save when you end it. It will build the patched mod .exe.
Don't forget that you have to activate the patch extra for each mod/driver you select in GEM+ by ticking it.

Happy racing!


Just to be clear...

Do not delete gpl.exe The exe's referred to are the ones created by GEM when you load a mod..

So for example...
gplc55.exe 55 Mod
gplm71.exe CanAm 71 mod
gplgct.exe Sports cars


john (snafu)
I installed the "77K Track Gap Freeze Fix v.09.XML" to GPLSecrets/Gem+/Options folder.

Once installed the fix will appear in your Gem+ options window just like any other patch.
You can use it on all mods.
It works at 36 and 60 fps

I have the patch active for all my installed mods.
paul skingley
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