Fairshift Version 2.1

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Stefan Roess
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Fairshift Version 2.1

Beitrag von Stefan Roess » Mi Dez 12, 2018 1:19 pm

John Smith hat geschrieben:Download & site: https://bitbucket.org/NitzerEbb/fairshift/wiki/Home

FairShift has been written in C# and is using the SlimDX Framework. It supports H wheels in the racing simulation Grand Prix Legends. On top of that the main feature is, that it delivers the original shifting times (0.222 milliseconds). So there will be no more advantage for drivers using GPLSHIFT and no clutch. This software will not alter the exe file. All operations are being done live. Therefore you have to start FairShift first and activate it. Then fire up Grand Prix Legends. Go to "Downloads" and try it.

Version 2.0 now also supports a clutch pedal. With FairShift you are able to monitor shifting times in GPLRA with or without the usage of a clutch. Therefore the approach to simulate a clutch is a bit different to standard GPL and or GPLSHIFT. The gear lever will jump into neutral while it is activated.

All in all FairShift will guarantee you standard GPL shifting times for all possible setups regarding H shifting. They can be easily monitored with GPLRA. The online racing league GPLRACER already announced to make this tool mandatory for 2014 for all drivers using H shifting. This will allow an equal level of competition among all drivers no matter what kind of wheel they use.
Also check here for support:

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Re: Fairshift Version 2.1

Beitrag von Frank_Mueller » Sa Jan 05, 2019 1:18 pm

Hi friends,
i was online with the new GTs on the GPLRACER server. I took the new Alfa.
With FairShift i could only take the first three gears.
Offline all gears are working, so my local installation ist ok, i updated the FairShift XML with the Mod-EXE.

Where is the error?

John Smith
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Re: Fairshift Version 2.1

Beitrag von John Smith » Sa Jan 12, 2019 4:25 pm


i have read all the new info about the problems with getting into the highest gears. ATM I dont have a solution but will try do some more checks. Its a bit odd that offline its working but online not.



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