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After an intense application I could reactivate GPL after 20 years.
Because I see there’s much work to implement the system I do some considerations (and also becuse is not much easy to find specific infos).
Using the GPL easy installation guide I could patch properly and took back to life the sim.
Currently I’m using the original version (67 car set - no mods) using GEM+ and I’m playing much training; started to do something little with the AI.
Sim finally works properly in training in HD 60 fps using the patch 60fpsv1 (wow!)
Unfortunately with the AI nor this one neither 60fpsaiv1 works: I mean AI is very slow and inconsistent (about 8 secs from me!); I tried to manage AI speed via GEM+ or changing the gpl_ai.ini as suggested but in vain, sadly I decided to play 36 fps here in order to compete decently.
The wheel: I’m using a logitech G29 and relative H shifter.
Applied the ffb2 patch: it seems to uneffect my G29 behaviour respect the normal ffb even if I wonder what exactly should I do expect from this patch.
GPL has no road effects: do I suppose ffb2 could enhance this point? I need suggestion. Currently I feel nothing even if ffb is satisfactory but lack of road effects despite other sims is quite disturbing (eg. wheel lock under hard braking).
If I’m wrong let know if it is possible to fix this.
Shifter: I tried to patch with fairshift last version in order to use it. The app finds mi G29, the shifter and I can configure it easily but… doesn’t work because this error of denied access to win32.
Wheel config in W10 seems ok, drivers are updated and GPL profile is applied.
I’m I doing something wrong? Is there something else I should know?
Should I try GPLshift alone? Or combined with fairshift? The thing is not clear. It’s a point to work.
Let me know … please!
Clutch. I can use it but… it’s just like on/off switch. In W10 I can’t configure it and used with the paddles to change gear up it’s not that good. So I don’t use it but I don’t like much this way.
Some way to fix it?
Online race.
I’m quite far to make it, I need more practice to avoid damages to other racers but:
Tried to enter in iGOR and I think I need many infos on how to set up the app in order to connect and use the app properly: last night I couldn’t see any room in the list, was it possible? Maybe too late in the night? Think there was something wrong in the connection.
Need much help here.
This because I’d like to know if there are training rooms online in order to play with other racers only for training just like it’s use on PS4.
I’m appliying these considerations also on SMRZ.
That’s all by now.
Didn’t mean to be much critical, GPL was my first sim. 60s cars are fantastic and I want to use it at best today.
By my side I’ll go on learning and searching more in order to fix problems and understand how thing should work properly.
Thanks for anyone who read, for any suggestion and sorry for my bad english.

OS: Windows 10

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