personal statement - I‘m a RING racer only

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personal statement - I‘m a RING racer only

Beitrag von uli » Mo Sep 16, 2019 5:48 pm

I‘m only in it for RING driving ;)

Some of you indeed miss me and asked what happened. So I have yet decided to explain my decision to finish my ambitious driving by the end of the 69x season and will greatly reduce my GPL engagement in the future.

I only will be take part as privateer, what means to me no works cars, only minimal preparation and as a fan of Europe (sry no politics here) I don’t will race overseas tracks - the truth is, a privateer has a prob of budget ;)

The rest of the 65 season I will take Bob Andersons BT11 at some rare races and for the SCX season I will choose the private Lola of John Surtees. At the end of the year I will be no admin any more (a real admin must be able to start a race server, for example, . . . ).

I decide to reduce my ambitiously engagement after the summer break two days before the 69 race at Monza. My Nürburgring disaster make me think about digital and GPL racing. The 69 Nürburgring race for me should be my highlight of the season, no, of the year!
Some may not understand that but I have a very special relationship to the Nürburgring – It was the main reason I started GPL in 1998, the FIRST SIM with the Nürburgring Nordschleife! btw I saw there my first and all following F1 GPs since 1965, crashed my first car at Adenauer Forst (believe me there never was that famous GPL tree!), made my first Kart-Racing podium on the Kart circuit (that never exist), made my high speed record on my bike in the Fuchsröhre and so on - there were a lot of stories to tell :)

To forget my frustration I made on the 30th of April two real laps with my RCZ-R and direct after that two with my bike to start my bike season (Rad & Lauftreff, when the Nürburgring was open for bikes only, since 19 o‘clock until dawn). Believe me the laps with my sport car let me sweat much more. On that laps I realized once again how bad the Papy version is. It‘s a pity that there were built unknown oversea and fantasy tracks even though the Nürburgring needs an urgent update (Nürburgring 67 like Spa67 - and we all know how long the Spa67 update lasts. I‘m to old for waiting of that ;) or even for a Nürburgring 65 and the Südschleife 67 a modern Nordschleife or a acceptable Betonschleife . . .

At the first of September I visited the SIMEXPO al the Nürburring an tested four sims with the Nordscheife. Now I‘m sure I need a new pc! I looking forward to 2020, dreaming from a motion simulator - to expansive :( no chance - but a better equipment without GPL probs at Spa67, Targa or Nürburgring Nordschleife will come for sure :)

THX to you all, wish you all the best
will cu on track tomorrow in Clermont

John Smith
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Re: personal statement - I‘m a RING racer only

Beitrag von John Smith » So Sep 22, 2019 6:56 pm

Hi Uli,

Ive watched the Simracing Expo 2019 live on YouTube and was also quite impressed from the motion cockpits. Iracing has of course a superb reproduction of the Nordschleife and also the GT cars look impressive. One old legend (Greger Huttu) is also taking part in IRacing (Team Redline) :-)

GPL has still the charme of the forgotten and less artifical tracks. Online racing is also a bit more gentleman like in GPL compared to IRacing.

Nevertheless: Ive taken part as co pilot in a Mercedes AMG GT Bi Turbo with overall, helmet and voice system included and was impressed from the elevation changes on the Nordschleife. Thats sth a monitor and simulation cannot reproduce regardless which simulation we are using. And of course the G forces and imho even more: the awful heat in the car.

In overall: A good PC with strong cpu and graphic card can do wonder in every aspect (every game).



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