Reko 65 - Borovaya 1966 - 29.10.2019

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Reko 65 - Borovaya 1966 - 29.10.2019

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Reko 65 - Borovaya 1966 - 29.10.2019



Start Zone
There were two incident in the starting zone.
Paul Skingley approuches the hairpin, mis shifts to neutral and loses momentum. His car blocks the inner corner.
Marco Mercaldo does not slow down enough and hits him. A contact from Erik vd Heijden on the rear from Marco ends his race.
Paul makes the turn in the middle of the corner. Roman Zherebtsov takes the outside line, goes off track with two wheels into the tyre barrier.
His car bounces back onto the track against Paul. Roman crashes and Paul spins off track but can continue with position and time loss.

The Reko decide - race incidents - no further action.

We had one driver with yellow card warning in this race, his race was reviewed.
On lap 16, Erik vd Heijden follows Piero Mercaldo towards the hairpin. He overshoots the braking zone and hits Piero hard from behind.
Piero is out of the race. Erik his spinning car clips Stefan Roess and afterwards gets hit by Yannick Verheijen.
This pushes Erik further into the corner and on the line of Stefan. There is another contact. Both have to retire.

The Reko decide - Erik vd Heijden - Red Card penalty for causing an incident - Starting from the pit box in the next 65 race.

Reko Mail
The Reko did receive two Reko mails. See above.

Shift times
Shift times were OK for all drivers.

For those who don't seem to read the chat before the race.
Please be carefull in the startingzone.
Please be patient, it is a 45min race.

The Reko

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Re: Reko 65 - Borovaya 1966 - 29.10.2019

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ty reko.............


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