16.06.2020 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 11 / Firebird International Raceway (fir)

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Alain Maurice
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Re: 16.06.2020 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 11 / Firebird International Raceway (fir)

Beitrag von Alain Maurice » Mi Jun 17, 2020 5:47 am

Hi all

Really fun course,
I did like Paul, my car was in an all-terrain position :)
Height 11.05, shock stop 6.35 :) :) :) :)
I make to my surprise a great start, at the same time, poor Yannick could not do anything with his BRM.

I would be 3rd in T1 behind Piero and in front of Paul.
At the start of the race, Piero takes off because he is much faster until he touches it with another driver in front, I did not see who it was with but on the spot I passed 2nd always followed by Paul .

No luck for Piero, but hey, knowing that he was faster I thought he would come back to us soon.

So we will, with Paul riding together all the race, I was all along admiring the fact that he is in Cooper and I in Lotus, what a beautiful FAIR PLAY the guy ...
This is where I got the idea for the BONUS Cooper, let it pass if I'm still ahead for 2nd place. :handgestures-thumbup:

Well, it happened but Stéfan too, I slowed down too much lol. :text-bravo:

It does not matter and congratulations to all, sorry for those who have not finished.
Thanks to Admins and BRAVO Erik, how fast ...Is it possible to test your setup and your Piero Please ?

I was bothered the whole race by the sound of the Cooper, higher than that of the Lotus.
Is there a sound file that allows you to hear your car better and less that of others in GPL?

Thank you
:clap: Thanks to all :clap:

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Re: 16.06.2020 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 11 / Firebird International Raceway (fir)

Beitrag von andersoe » Mi Jun 17, 2020 7:26 am

Congratulations to the podium.

Had one freeze during qualification.
The goal was to finish this race, so 9th place is satisfying.
I had no real fight for positions in this race. Marco was a couple of seconds behind me for the most of the race but then he fell back further. I had roo close in front of me a couple of times when he made mistakes and went off track, but he quickly pulled away again, being much faster.
Was lapped by Erik halfway into the race, fantastic pace :greetings-clapyellow:
I managed to let the next four fighting drivers pass at the same time on the long s/f straight without loosing too much time myself. Impressive that you all could race so close during the whole race without incidents on this track


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Re: 16.06.2020 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 11 / Firebird International Raceway (fir)

Beitrag von GrandPrixYannick » Mi Jun 17, 2020 8:24 am

More fun track than I anticipated, despite the many high kerbs and tricky corners.
But I guess this track could only work with 65 or F2... the rest are too big for this :)

Too bad my BRM was feeling like racing.
Seems like I missed a good battle for 2nd.
Summer break cannot come sooner for me now, I guess.

Well done to Erik, absolute eSports level of pace in a Honda.
Grand Prix Legends is a drug, and I'm an addict.
-based on quote of Harry Schell-

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Re: 16.06.2020 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 11 / Firebird International Raceway (fir)

Beitrag von ErikHeijden » Mi Jun 17, 2020 8:29 am

Last friday I did my first laps around this track and absolutely hated it.

It took me a while untill I figured out how to drive here , but when I got into the rythm it was awesome to slide trough the corners. I did not raise the ride height because most of the curbs i only hugged to guide the car. Tyre temperatures were a problem at first but I used an asymetrical setup and drove aggressively on right hand corners and conservative on the left handers.

Like other drivers I also had a freeze during qualy and had to reset my pc. Luckily I did not lose my laptime and I decided not to go out again for the rest of the session. (For some reason my car was still outside in the pitbox though). The race was very exciting because you meet so many other cars on tracks like this. Also had a near miss around lap 17 when two cars in front of me crashed. The entire race I was afraid for another freeze but luckily that did not happen.

Congrats to the podium (and Alain)! Really bad luck for Yannick who's engine blew right at the start. :(

Stefan Roess
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Site Admin
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Re: 16.06.2020 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 11 / Firebird International Raceway (fir)

Beitrag von Stefan Roess » Mi Jun 17, 2020 12:36 pm

*** GPLRACER now has a YouTube Channel and Race Stream *** :dance:

YouTube GPLRACER Race Stream:
16.06.2020 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 11 / Firebird International Raceway (fir)


YouTube GPLRACER Channel:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWU0AI ... lyaUT4Xy5g

Inspired by race streams of an Assetto Corsa league (THR) and the GPL Historic F1 Esports League I have been experimenting the last weeks on how to create race streams of GPL. Thanks to the great Replaydirector Patch by Olaf Lehmann (http://srmz.net/index.php?showtopic=12427) it is possible to watch GPL Replays and to do Live Streams that focus on the race scenes with the most action (the patch is calculating the distance between each car and sets the focus on it and switches the camera from one driver to another).

My Mini Server (well OUR Mini Server, as many have donated when I bought it. Thx again for keeping our passion to race GPLRACER online alive) can not use the live stream feature of the Replaydirector Patch as it has not enough power and most of all not a powerful 3D card (it only has onboard graphics). Therefore it is not possible to really live stream with it.

To get the above linked Race Stream of our Firebird race I used our GPL replay on my race PC and did a "live" stream to YouTube by using the Replaydirector patch feature TV1, TV2, Onbard. This way the amount of work is ok and I think I can do it for every race. It is even possible to cut the stream video online in YouTube Studio. The video processing on YouTube is quite fast.

I think the result is pretty cool, but maybe Olaf can improve the patch a bit, because at the start the camera jumps quickly from one car to another. And you can not really spot what happened at the start when Yannick blew his engine.

I can also improve the look of each GPLRACER Race Stream by adding a nice start picture of each race stream.
And mybe it is also possible to add the race results (of our GPL Replay Analyser) at the start/ or end of the stream as a picture. I will have to look into that how that works. The Replaydirector Patch live stream feature can display pribluda info (race positions) during the whole live stream, but I can not use it as I can not live stream of the GPLRACER Mini Server. Well, maybe Olaf will find a way to further improve his great patch.

For now please enjoy our first GPLRACER Race Stream. :)

Get more details in this GPLRACER forum topic here:
GPLRACER Race Stream & YouTube Channel


This was one of my best online races! What a thriller! Close action from start to finish. I was able to keep up with the aliens around me and managed to follow with a maximum of 1-2 seconds behind the guy in front of me.
A pity Yannick has blown his engine at the start right in front of me. Luckily there was a corridor inside of the track to pass Yannick`s standing car withouth crashing into him or any other car.
A pity Raoni, who was in front of me for several laps couldn`t finish.
There were more crashes that are also visible in the Race Stream on YouTube.
Thank you Alain for letting Paul and me pass. But I think you didn`t want me also to pass on P3. :)
It was a very nice gesture but dangerous. I even hit you a bit when I tried to avoid your slower car when I realized why Paul was pulling over to avoid you. I guess if you, Paul and me would have crashed we still would have crossed the finish line. That would have been a great photo finish of us three, upside down, rolling over the s/f line . :D

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Re: 16.06.2020 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 11 / Firebird International Raceway (fir)

Beitrag von pmercal » Mi Jun 17, 2020 8:49 pm

Congratulations to the unstoppable Erik :text-bravo:
to PAul Stefan and Alain .. :greetings-clappingorange:
Difficult track and I was not ready with little training and above all the setup is not in place.
In qualifying my pb was on the first lap and then a disaster,
in the best lap that I was finally able to do, Bastian thought of committing suicide and killing me at the exit of the pits .. :scared-yipes: :auto-ambulance:

at the start I tried to keep the position and get in rhythm, I knew that I was unable to compete with Eric and I aimed to follow him at a distance but at some point during the dubbing phase there was a misunderstanding with Marcel who at the last cuva to let me pass first it widened and slowed down, then it accelerated and we touched myself making me bounce from one wall to another and they passed me Paul and Alain ..
Unfortunately I damaged the car and taking them back was tough but for 25 laps they were among the funniest laps I will remember for a long time .. :dance:

Thanks to everyone for the fun

Sorry but I'm going on Youtube ..:animals-dogrun: Thanks Stefan !!

PS Alain I'll send you a pm

Raoni Frizzo
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Re: 16.06.2020 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 11 / Firebird International Raceway (fir)

Beitrag von Raoni Frizzo » Do Jun 18, 2020 5:21 am

A pity I couldn't finish this one. Looking at the results and all your reports, it was great fun from start to finish :clap:

Got a great 3rd on the grid, but already expecting to drop down maybe 1 or 2 places at the start. Done!
The first laps were so awesome! Everyone running safe and close. I could follow Alain and Paul, but was unable to get a good exit in the last corner to try an overtake. On the other hand, Stefan was fast behind me, so any little mistake would cost me a place.

The truth is that, although finding some speed, I never got to feel comfortable with any car during the training sessions. Neither the BT11, nor the BRM or Lotus. Should have got the Cooper, in which I was slower, but at least more certain to have a better race pace.

A silly mistake in the mid-section of the track made lose some ground and then Stefan overtook me. After a little while, another mistake, but this time more serious. Lost my car on T4 and crashed head on the wall. I was able to rejoin, but as soon as I hit the pit straight I noticed I could barely get speed to put 5th gear and my car was swerve a little to the right. That would be impossible and pointless to keep going for the rest of the race. If I insisted, the only thing I could get is another accident and maybe spoil someone's race.

Congrats Erik for another impressive race! Just unbelievable seeing you going under 1 minute on this track!!
Also, great job the front guys, who had a thrilling race until the last lap. And well done all finishers too!

See you all in Spa, with the 66 cars

Suffered all day with constant freezes on my pc. In my case, nothing related to the track, at least. Soon after the race I joined UKGPL at Roy Hesketh with the 66s and had to abandoned after some 10 laps due to a video problem, which dropped down my PC to constant 20 FPS.

Now I'm using my desktop without one the covers on the side and a fan pointed to it. It seems to be working, once I haven't had the problem so far. Thankfully, Brazilian winter is not too harsh, so having a fan on is not a big deal :lol:

Edit 2: Meanwhile Olaf was so kind to have a go on his Replaydirector patch again and released a new version.
See here: http://srmz.net/index.php?showtopic=124 ... ntry148990
I will used it tomorrow for our 66 Cup Spa67 race. :)
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Alain Maurice
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Re: 16.06.2020 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 11 / Firebird International Raceway (fir)

Beitrag von Alain Maurice » Do Jun 18, 2020 5:26 am

Hi all

Thank you Stefan for this GREAT idea and all this work. :clap:

Thank Piero for the setup :greetings-waveyellow:

See you soon :)
:clap: Thanks to all :clap:

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Re: 16.06.2020 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 11 / Firebird International Raceway (fir)

Beitrag von roo » Mo Jun 22, 2020 11:31 am

A little late ...
Frantic track, more fun that I thought it would be, but not a great race from me.
Caught my rear wheel on Yannick's (?) stranded car on the grid which put me into the wall and dropped me down the field.
My apologies to Doni for nerfing you at the last corner on lap1. I saw an open door but you closed it. Was a bit optimistic on my part. Glad you could continue.

Happy to have finished. Grats all, thanks admins.

I'm looking forward to the summer break. Lockdown has tired me out racing-wise :(


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