30.06.2020 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 12 / Hilltop Trophy Race (hilltop)

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Re: 30.06.2020 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 12 / Hilltop Trophy Race (hilltop)

Beitrag von MLGathome » Mi Jul 01, 2020 8:37 am

ErikHeijden hat geschrieben:
Mi Jul 01, 2020 7:37 am
I would have liked to see more competition but hopefully after the summerbreak.
Hi Erik,

If you want more competition, you have to handicap yourself and take a slower car.

Greetings, Marcel
Übung macht den Meister, aber mir macht es nur spaß. :)

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Re: 30.06.2020 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 12 / Hilltop Trophy Race (hilltop)

Beitrag von pmercal » Mi Jul 01, 2020 12:25 pm

I understand you Erik,
I too am sorry there had not been Yannick and that Paul with Cooper was a little backward.

As for me in qualifying I was not able to do well and in the race I only thought about saving the tires and the engine thinking mainly of the classification
it did not make sense to try to take Erik who was in better shape, from second position passing it would have been impossible, in acceleration and on short straights the Honda is the best.
Erik never made a mistake and he deservedly won and I am happy with second place and fun.
I saw Marco third and I was surprised but happy, then something happened to him but luckily it came to an end.
Grats to Erik for the victory and Raoni for the podium :clap:

A special thanks to the organizers ;)

See you soon

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Re: 30.06.2020 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 12 / Hilltop Trophy Race (hilltop)

Beitrag von andersoe » Mi Jul 01, 2020 4:32 pm

I surpriced myself in qualifying when I lovered my best laptime with more then one second and got 5th position on the grid. I started behind Raoni and I've totally missed that keyboard drivers are slow off the grid so I almost drove into his rear, couldn't risk going to the left so I had to slow down and lost a couple of positions before T1.
Fun race, I had Roo and Stefan close up front and Paul and Pedro close behind for the first third of the race. Then Roo went wide in the last turn and I could sneak past on the inside. Stefan was faster so I lost contact and I could open up a small gap down to Paul and Pedro.The second half of the race was pretty lonely except for the last lap when Marco had a spin and I came as close as half a second when we past the finishing line.

Congratulations to the podium, Erik, Piero and Raoni.

Have a nice summer break, and be back at the end of august.


Stefan Roess
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Re: 30.06.2020 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 12 / Hilltop Trophy Race (hilltop)

Beitrag von Stefan Roess » Mi Jul 01, 2020 11:05 pm

YouTube Race Stream
30.06.2020 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 12 / Hilltop Trophy Race (hilltop)

-> results now at the end of the movie! ** NEW **
-> using new GPL Replaydirector patch by Olaf Lehmann (replaydirector_v9c / replaydirector_savedReplays)
-> streamed/captured with OBS Studio
-> MKV Video cutting with Avidemux, editing with CyberLink PowerDirector

Thanks a million to Olaf Lehmann!
replaydirector_v9c / replaydirector_savedReplays is the best version!

Tip: Untick replaydirector_savedReplays in GEM+ while racing online or you will get CTDs (at least I did).

Streaming to YouTube from OBS Studio did not work this time (I guess I did something wrong) but I also saved/captured it to my hard drive, which was good as I was then able to edit the video with intro and race results at the end.
And this is actually faster than streaming directly to YouTube as the processing time takes hours and when I edit the movie in YouTube Studio it will take again some hours until it is finally online available.
So, streaming/capturing only to hard drive and then editing the MKV file manually (cutting, adding intro, adding GEM+ program and track map, adding race results at the end of the movie) and uploading it to YouTube (I have a very fast upload) is overall quicker done than streaming directly to YouTube.
Overall it now takes me about 1h 30 min. to get a 45 min. race published on YouTube like the linked Hilltop race above.

Alain Maurice
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Re: 30.06.2020 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 12 / Hilltop Trophy Race (hilltop)

Beitrag von Alain Maurice » Do Jul 02, 2020 5:22 am

Good morning all

No DNF for me on this race, that's the maximum I could do here.
No training and no qualification, I'm leaving the stands and I'm already too far away. After a few laps, I wait until the end of the race to take a few points through the pits.

I wanted to test Piero's setup, I didn't have time.
Too bad because this circuit is very fun.

Grats to Erik for the victory, Piero and Raoni for the podium and Admins for the race :clap: :clap: :clap:

Good SUMMER BREAK for all driver's :dance:
:clap: Thanks to all :clap:

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Re: 30.06.2020 / GPLRACER 65 / Race 12 / Hilltop Trophy Race (hilltop)

Beitrag von roo » Fr Jul 03, 2020 8:27 am

A finish at least :|
With low fuel I had some pace and after a good start (due to Raoni being slow off the line) I found myself trying to hang on to the leaders with faster guys behind in the opening laps. It wasn't long before I had to let them by so as not to cause an accident defending my position.
Many missed gears caused many offs & so lost many places and pushing to catch up compounded my problems.

I think I really need this summer break :(

Grats all, thanks admins :D


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