iGOR race list back online with new IP

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iGOR race list back online with new IP

Beitrag von Stefan Roess » Mi Dez 12, 2018 1:29 pm

Hello RACER.

The iGOR race list/ server list is back online with a new IP.

To get the iGOR race list/ server list back on your system you just need to do this:

Start your PC Explorer and browse to your installation folder of iGOR:
Drive (X:)\Program Files\GPLSecrets\iGOR and edit the iGOR.ini file.

Change the old IP = gplrank.info or blw.net to:

[ RaceListServers ]
IP = igor.gplrank.info

That's it.
Enjoy the update of your iGOR race list. :)

In case you want to say thank you please post here:
http://srmz.net/index.php?showtopic=125 ... ntry135314


The download of iGOR and GEM+ (GPLSecrets) is here:


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